Boomer-Millennial Mom Entrepreneurs Launch Amateur TV Network

Introducing Really Cool Humans TV (RCH TV), a new, amateur digital-TV-network created Boomer Millennial entrepreneur moms (end of Baby-Boomer generation with Millennial kids) in partnership with producer Troy Dunn. RCH TV is not governed by network advertisers and provides unique, family-friendly content supported by subscribers rather than the network advertisers. Here, real people, who the world may not have heard about on traditional media-platforms, get the opportunity to share their stories, strategies and solutions. The new RCH TV shows range from comedy to wellness, and adventure to "how to," with episodes available online weekly and bi-weekly. See the news here

RCH Amateur TV’s Mission is to really cool humans stories, strategies and solutions, amateur style, to family-friendly digital TV.

RCH TV was founded by Kim Power Stilson and MaryLyn Linge who partnered with Troy Dunn. Power Stilson, 51, mother of three, university professor and SiriusXM radio host by day, is now the RCH TV Network President by night. Linge, who 51, mother of four, and an international company director by day, is the RCHTV Executive Producer. Troy Dunn is an established TV host, television producer and the Studios Network CEO.

“The new Really Cool Humans Amateur TV network gives amateurs with smaller budgets the opportunity to share their insights and gain popularity outside of the advertising-ruled networks,” says Power Stilson. “RCH TV provides a family-friendly kingdom of unique, helpful and exciting content viewers won’t find anywhere else, and we are well into preparing for Season 2 which begins in June.”

The Really Cool Humans Amateur TV network is funded by subscriptions from viewers and hosts in lieu of network advertisers.

“It’s amateur television, so we don’t have sophisticated, film crews or expensive budgets, but this does not keep us from sharing really-cool human stories,” says Linge. “Thanks to Troy Dunn’s digital TV solution and subscriptions from viewers who believe in family-friendly content, these entertaining and informative stories are available online for the ever-growing number of households with digital TV.”

Viewers who believe in family-friendly digital TV can support this new Amateur TV network and its mission for the price of eating an organic apple every month, or just $2.99.

About Really Cool Humans TV (RCH TV)
Really Cool Humans TV (RCH TV) is an amateur, digital TV network launched in 2016. RCH TV is not governed by network advertisers and provides family-friendly content. RCH TV shows focus on stories, strategies and solutions of real people who the world may not have heard about via traditional media-platforms. Viewers fund RCH TV in lieu of network advertisers and can access all episodes thanks to viewer subscription for a $2.99 monthly available online and soon via Internet streaming-devices like Roku Box, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Xbox 360. For more information and show ideas, please visit http://www.reallycoolhumans.TV or write to rchtvn(at)gmail(dot)com.