Frank Davis Presents Whole-Food Warrior Jahnavi Foster on the Really Cool Humans TV Network

Today, the Whole-Food Warrior TV show, hosted by Frank Davis, Founder of Activz Whole-Food Nutrition, announced that the much-anticipated feature with author Jahnavi Foster, specialist in healthy vegetarian cuisine, will stream on Friday, February 5th on the New Really Cool Humans Amateur TV Network. 

Each week, on his weekly Whole-Food Warrior TV show, Frank Davis highlights Whole-Food Warriors - people who are making great contributions to the whole-food industry. The Whole-Food Warrior TV show is available online, and will soon be accessible via internet streaming devices, ranging from the Roku Box and Apple TV to Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Xbox 360, et al. You can also find it at www.reallycoolhumans.TV.

“We selected Jahnavi Foster to be featured as Whole-Food Warrior because of her commitment to educating people on healthy eating,” said Frank Davis, Whole-Food Warrior TV host.  “Jahnavi has taught vegetarian cooking and nutrition classes for over 30 years; and as she does, she inspires individuals to live a healthier, more conscientious lifestyle. Watch the show to learn what Jahnavi Foster has to say about whole food.” 

Jahnavi Foster is also the author of Divine Love: an inspired spiritual dialogue based on Traditional Ancient Wisdom.  Jahnavi is currently working on her second book: a vegetarian cookbook–inspired by her work at Mother Earth’s. Official Twitter: @Jahnavi108 Fanpage:

Whole-Food Warrior host, Frank Davis, is a whole-food advocate who selects Whole-Food Warriors making a noteworthy contribution to the health industry. To learn more about these warriors, tune in for interviews on the new Whole-Food Warrior Show, featured on the Really Cool Humans Amateur TV Network. New episodes are available weekly on www.reallycoolhumans.TV. .

Frank Davis is a lifelong entrepreneur whose innovations have produced numerous, renowned companies – including Golf Connections, Nourish the Children, KSL Classifieds, Food for Health International and now Activz Whole-Food Nutrition. Davis’ inspiration for launching Activz came from his own fight with chronic fatigue syndrome. (See Whole-Food Warrior, Season 1, Episode 2.) After trying every prescription and homeopathic remedy possible, Davis learned about the benefits of whole-food nutrition. After adjusting his diet for just one month, he completely recovered from his chronic fatigue. Since that time, Davis has utilized his exceptional reputation and strong business background to advocate whole-food nutrition through concentrated, all-natural supplementation. By seeking out the most creative minds in the industry, Davis has transformed an idea into Activz, the new way of thinking about honest nutrition.

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