Align: The Power of You

JENNIFER S. CLIFFORD is a personal achievement phenomenon, and developer of the only scientifically quantifiable empowerment program, physics-based Align.  For more than a decade, Clifford’s Align Methodology has enabled leaders, parents, homemakers, athletes and performers globally to see themselves and others clearly for optimal success. Alignment induces a physical genetic reaction causing a dramatic shift in self-perception, providing proven steps to produce literally felt results. Participants discover how to remove barriers, and dynamically connect for achievement in all areas of life, propelling enthusiasts to personal and professional success. Clifford, a former executive VP, is an accomplished thought leader, speaker, and specialist in achievement dynamics. She is producing her first TV outing, “You’ve Got the Power” for the Really Cool Humans Cable Network, and expanding her line of Aligned products to include make-up and clothing. Her book “Get Aligned!” releases Summer 2016. To learn more about Align, visit us online at