Charan Prabhakar - Adventures of Ravi

Charan was born in Madras, India. In 1987, at the tender age of 6.34, his family moved to America and he grew up in Utah. As a kid (and even now) he used to daydream a lot and pretend he was off on his many conquests. Luckily he found ways to put these “hobbies” to good use when he discovered that people could actually get paid for creating a different life through acting. In high school, he took his first drama class and was hooked. Since then, he’s acted in various plays and movies, including High School Musical, High School Musical 2, and Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!. In 2009, after he acted in Abandoned Mine, he moved to L. A. to pursue his daydreaming, pretending career to greater heights. Since then he has acted in commercials and short films, and he has recently produced and acted in his first feature while out in L. A., The Last Man(s) on Earth. He most recently acted in the feature films Inspired Guns and Adopting Trouble, in which he actually adopted trouble. He just wrapped shooting on Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley. Whether in filmmaking or in life, Charan lives by a simple philosophy: To do is to be, to be is to do, do be do be do.