David Rudduck - InSecurITy. TV

Like many others, David started his journey in technology at a young age, except with a twist. During high school, he took it upon himself to infect his school computers with viruses and worms, and constantly challenged the school systems administrator’s security measures. This lead to a lot of negative attention by some of the faculty staff, often getting referred to as a ‘Hacker’.


At the age of 22 he dropped out of University to start his company – Insane Technologies. David is by no means a hacker. He probably couldn’t hack his way out of a paper bag, although his interest in this side of technology has been integral in his team’s on-going focus to educate and protect businesses from emerging cyber-security threats.


15 years on and David has been blessed to work with and for wide range of businesses including some well-known international companies like Village Roadshow, Walden Media, 20th Century Fox and most recently Walt Disney Studios.


David was a finalist in the Gold Coast Business News “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Awards for 2010, 2011 and 2012. David continues to focus on personal growth, the Entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and growing his business and those of his clients.