Dr. Carolyn McGuire - Common Sense Vet

Carolyn McGuire, D. V. M. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. McGuire's love for animals began at home with her first dog, a German Shepherd named Dusty, and it was love at first sight with horses. Deciding at the age of ten, Dr. McGuire chose her profession of veterinary medicine. She pursued and achieved her academic goal at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Even though Dr. McGuire still practices on her own livestock, her public services are limited to small animal care and emergency medicine. Her exotic experience includes the treatment and care of sugar gliders, ferrets, tigers, pocket pets and non-human primates.  Dr. McGuire is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments in treating all types of pets and animals. She is called the Common Sense Vet for her mission to provide an environment, supportive of increasing the human-animal bond through timely preventative care and a high standard of care for ill animals, and to provide healing through traditional branches of medicine as well, as through Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (V.O.M) and Cold Laser Therapy. http://www.commonsensevet.com