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Meet the Skitshow Crew:

Andrew Feldhausen: A chance acquaintance and now staple actor and crewman, Andrew is as great a teammate as it gets and always completes his tasks.
Chris Spigiel: The strongest producer to work on the show, there has been little this hard worker has not been able to accomplish.
Danielle Peterson: Newcomer and fast learner, Danielle is the most advanced director to be found amongst the ranks with her enthusiasm and skill.
Dylan Frederick: Truly the legs of the operation, Dylan is a great adhesive who keeps the entire crew together and happy and can do no wrong.
Ian Dinehart: Chief financial officer as well as loudest screamer, Ian does a great job as an all around representative and front man who never gives up.
Jacob Greene: In house rapper and long time member of MFI, Jake sadly departed to pursue the English Language before Season 1 was completed.
James Barbera: Audio master James is known for his quirky charm and excellent skill in all areas of crew work, and is also a joy to see on camera.
Jerel Starks: Camcorder connoisseur and angle extraordinaire, Jerel is both the celebrated cinematographer of the crew and the most film literate.
Joseph Moyle: Forefront writer and total amateur, Joe's mediocre acting skills are made up by his willingness to do anything on camera.
Jordyn Stevens: Model Citizen/Actual Model Jordyn's cameo roles tend to bring the entire show together and take it up to a whole other notch.
Patrick Keyser: Just the funniest one in the group.
Sage Howe: The only actual 'actor' of the crew, Sage is indeed a legendary thespian and an idol who will no doubt one day ascend to stardom and fame.
Skitshow Season Viewer Value:  up to $40,000
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