The Deno Review of "Laura Jacobs and Friends" TV Show

Laura jacobs hosts the Laura and friends show on the Really cool humans TV network

Today, as the reviewer for the Really Cool Humans TV network, I had the pleasure of watching "Live Well with Laura" with host Laura Jacobs.  Laura is a bright, beautiful and witty host!  I suggest you watch her show but don't take my word for it!  Here is my quick takes from the episode I watched, "Live Well with Laura" Season 1, Episode 5. 

Boomer-Millennial Mom Entrepreneurs Launch Amateur TV Network

Introducing Really Cool Humans TV (RCH TV), a new, amateur digital-TV-network created Boomer Millennial entrepreneur moms (end of Baby-Boomer generation with Millennial kids) in partnership with producer Troy Dunn. RCH TV is not governed by network advertisers and provides unique, family-friendly content supported by subscribers rather than the network advertisers.

Frank Davis Presents Whole-Food Warrior Jahnavi Foster on the Really Cool Humans TV Network

Today, the Whole-Food Warrior TV show, hosted by Frank Davis, Founder of Activz Whole-Food Nutrition, announced that the much-anticipated feature with author Jahnavi Foster, specialist in healthy vegetarian cuisine, will stream on Friday, February 5th on the New Really Cool Humans Amateur TV Network. 

Content is King on the Really Cool Humans TV Network

Really Cool Humans TV is a new, family-friendly, subscription-based, amateur, TV network that showcases really cool humans who wouldn’t be given a chance to share their stories, strategies and solutions on the advertising-ruled networks. If content is king then the Really Cool Humans TV Network has created their family-friendly kingdom full of really cool humans at  Monthly subscription is $2.99 for full access to weekly shows.

New Really Cool Humans Digital TV Network Shows Announced

New digital TV shows provides viewers with stories, strategies and solutions from really cool humans. The New Really Cool Humans TV network powered by Troy Dunn, the Locator’s, Studio Networks launches January 21st 2016.


“The best stories, from the world’s most amazing people have yet to be seen on TV,” said MaryLyn Linge. “People are hungry for good content accessible on digital TV.  The Really Cool Humans TV Network will that content.