The Deno Review of "Laura Jacobs and Friends" TV Show

Laura jacobs hosts the Laura and friends show on the Really cool humans TV network

Today, as the reviewer for the Really Cool Humans TV network, I had the pleasure of watching "Live Well with Laura" with host Laura Jacobs.  Laura is a bright, beautiful and witty host!  I suggest you watch her show but don't take my word for it!  Here is my quick takes from the episode I watched, "Live Well with Laura" Season 1, Episode 5. 

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes.”

Laura quotes the universally-known children’s rhyme to emphasize the topic of this episode’s theme: alignment. Laura suggests that alignment physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally would resemble the stature of a tree and that our posture and alignment can;.,lnjactually be a reflection of our life in the mentioned above areas.

“What is alignment to you?”

Laura asks her friends Tiffany, Connie, and Kathleen what alignment means to them.

Connie: Alignment is solid and flexible… like a willow tree. Fluid. It has optimal alignment.

Tiffany: Part of alignment is being true to yourself. Flex when you need to, stay strong when you need to.

Kathleen: Suppleness (a yoga term) comes to mind.

“What is my body reflecting? What is it trying to tell me?”

It is important to be in-tune with your body and to know when something is amiss. When you feel a little “off” it is important to know what you can do to help yourself. Laura and her friends discuss modalities, both professional and at-home techniques that would be beneficial to your alignment.One of these modalities discussed was touch. This could mean a professional massage, or a loving touch from someone you care about. A simple touch may re-energize you.

“Choose alignment!”

To end the episode, Laura asks us to, “Examine the structural aspect of your life Listen to your body and its alignment, posture, and suppleness. CHOOSE ALIGNMENT.”


This episode sheds light on the connection between mind and body and how each can affect the other. It is important to know your body and its needs, and how to find your alignment. This episode was enlightening and enjoyable to watch! I invite you to watch  Live Well with Laura on the Really Cool Humans TV Network! www.reallycoolhumans.TV You won’t regret finding your alignment.