About RCH TV


Fresh to the face of the planet, Really Cool Humans TV is a new, family-friendly, subscription-based, amateur, TV network that showcases really cool humans who wouldn’t be given a chance to share their stories, strategies and solutions on the advertising-ruled networks. If content is king then the Really Cool Humans TV Network has created their family-friendly kingdom full of really cool humans on amateur TV at www.reallycoolhumans.com.  Monthly subscription is $2.99 for full access to weekly shows.

Every month on the Really Cool Humans, their stories, strategies, and solutions, on this new , family-friendly, subscription-based, amateur, TV network. The Really Cool Human Network (RCHN) has a mission to tell the stories that haven’t been told, seen or shared. RCHN’s mission is to introduce passionate strategies, powerful stories and life-changing solutions from really cool humans to viewers and listeners on Internet TV.

Watch for The Really Cool Humans TV Network soon on apps for Roku, Netflix, Amazon, X-box 360, etc. Ready to meet Really Cool Humans on the newest family-friendly TV Network? Be part of the Really Cool Humans TV community and get programming updates for the 2016 launch!

Ready to watch the shows and share your really cool human story, strategy or solution to the world? Get your own TV Show on the Really Cool Humans TV Network rchtvn@gmail.com.